Epicor Prophet 21

**IT happens, we can help.

ERP solutions are designed to improve the general management of enterprises. An ERP system can be integrated into an enterprise’s general system for managing finances and accounting, purchasing, sales, inventory, production, customer service and human resources to optimize business operations and production. With its extensive practical experience in deploying ERP systems for businesses, M2 Technologies can provide customers with consultation on solution options, selecting and deploying ERP software, and managing projects and software to meet the requirements of different economic fields.
M2 Technologies will help customers select the most appropriate ERP solution to ensure it will be cost effective for the enterprise. Epicor Prophet 21 is just one of our ERP solution choices, that is where we started and we still support today.

M2 Technologies will work with customers to analyze their business and technical requirements, understand their current solutions and analyze its compatibility so they can select the ERP solution that is most suitable the enterprise.

M2 Technologies offers different levels of ERP deployment and will ensure that customers clearly understand the time, costs and necessary resources involved in deploying the solution. M2 Technologies deployment includes the following basic tasks:

  • Learning about the enterprise’s work requirements
  • Analyzing the solution
  • Designing the solution and proposing process improvements
  • Establishing the solution
  • Transferring and building the initial database
  • Training users and transferring knowledge
  • Evaluating and testing the work process
  • Putting the system into operation
  • Supervising and support