**IT happens, we can help.

Security is a choice. Unfortunately, many businesses choose to minimize the risks and take their chances. You see them all the time; they’ve never been hacked or ransomed and are running on a wing and a prayer.

A ransomware event is often fatal to small businesses, most will fail within 6 months without proper safeguards. Read 35 Alarming Small Business Cybersecurity Statistics for 2024 for some sobering stasts.

Parallels in the real world

IT security is much like we taught our kids when walking to school in the winter: Wear a coat and gloves, watch out for the bullies, go directly to class, pay attention, don’t give away your lunch, come home safe. Only part of that is technology (coat and gloves), the rest is awareness. Same with IT – without a coat, you’ll catch cold, but it won’t matter if you get trapped in the alley by the big bad bully.

There was a time you could leave the keys in your car while in the driveway, that you could leave your front door unlocked, and welcome the neighbors as they walk in. The landscape has changed, and your business had better change with it.

Our methodology